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With up-to-date information and technical skills, Narizuka Corporation has developed high quality flavoring materials on a basis of accumulated know-how since its establishment in 1965. They can produce any kind of flavors which exists on the earth, more importantly, makes the flavored food mellowed perfectly. Moreover, through the co-operation with manufacturers abroad, Narizuka can always act on the cutting edge of the trends of the pastry industry.

Dover Distilleries Ltd., is a company producing approx. 200 types of own-branded brandy, spirits, and liqueurs at the two distilleries located in Western and Eastern Japan: the Kobe-Sanda Distillery and Kanagawa-Atsugi Distillery to meet the diverse and changing needs of customers.

Dover has gained the trust and support of many professional bartenders with a wide portfolio, including the originally developed liqueur lineup “Washu Series” which uses traditional Japanese ingredients. At the same time, Dover also plays another important role in the pastry market. They supply liquors for the pastry and culinary markets that offer a more affluent and sophisticated lifestyle for the future.

Chiyoda Kinzoku is well-known in Japan because of their baking moulds. All hand-made by their

Japanese technicians. Their quality is no doubt can satisfy all the customers.

Established in early Meiji, NAKAZAWA has produced excellent dairy products for more than 100 years. They strive for quality and consistence in ups and downs. Nowadays, NAKAZAWA has built up high reputation in the industry while the fresh cream is evaluated as one of the best products.

Located in Germany, Granbell produces excellent gelatin powder and leaf in Japanese standard. With high transparency, high hydrolyzing and ease for use, it’s definitely the best confection companion.

Hakuichi Industrial Corporation, a food production department of Hakuichi Co., Ltd., acquired the ISO22000:2005 certification for “manufacturing edible gold leaf” on October 1, 2007. Hakuichi promotes the development of gold leaf products using technologies and expertise nurtured over the long history as well as the enhanced equipment.

Hiring to the French chocolatier tradition of 200 years. They are the first French

Chocolatier mastering the art of transforming cocoa into chocolate. Their 14 production

sites involve in virtuous sustainable development programs for over 30 years.

DISTILLERIE WOLFBERGER has inherited century old skills and traditions since it was established in 1874.

The production of eau-de-vie in Alsace started several centuries ago relying on a good production and selection of local fruit. The Alsace region is blessed with excellent soils and a privileged microclimate.

WOLFBERGER is the only distillery aiming to become self-sufficient for its supplies of fresh fruit. In order to make best use of such natural advantages WOLFBERGER has implemented a fruit plantation program of 50 hectares raspberries, 50 hectares cherry trees and 100 hectares Poire William.

Corsiglia, the master confectioner since 1896.Today, Corsiglia is referenced in the major accounts throughout Europe, Canada and the Arabic Peninsula. All the fruits are of certified origin and they use only the highest quality ingredients: chestnuts, sugar, wheat glucose, Bourbon of Madagascar vanilla bean. It is hoped that the company’s standards and respect of tradition will be carried on by the next generation in offering the best in the irresistible French marrons glacés.

Ebetsu Flour Milling Co., Ltd. is a flour milling company established in 1948 and headquartered in Ebetsu, Hokkaido. Hokkaido is an area without any raining season the whole year, which gives the best environment for the growth of wheat. Ebetsu takes this advantage to produce their 100% Hokkaido wheat flour. Not only pastry, they also produce flour for noodles, dumplings and tempura etc. They got a wide range of flour products which are popular among the whole Japan catering industry.

Chocolate World bases in Belgium, a country famous for her chocolate. Chocolate World however, not selling chocolate but moulds and machines. They have endless shapes of moulds for creating your own unique chocolate. A wide range of chocolate making and processing equipment and machines are

popular among professionals.

J. Maeda was set up as a trading company 150 years ago. Nowadays besides being a distributor of various brands in Japan, they also have their own factory to product the company brand products. Only the finest raw materials will be selected; only the finest products they will produce.

With nearly 100 years of experience in packaging, Wake has a leading role in Japan’s food grade packaging. Diversified design and high quality products are always welcomed by their customers.

The company established in 1945 in Vignola, Italy. With over 70 years in the business, Toschi range from fruits in alcohol to liqueurs, from syrups to Amarena. They select the finest raw materials and go through specialized processing techniques to fulfil the needs of their customers.

Being one of the largest pastry ingredients wholesaler in Japan, you can find almost everything you need from their products list. Besides selling the products from over 170 brands, they also produce various types of products under their own company brand.

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