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Aiming to provide premium quality pastry ingredients and full-scaled services for the pastry industry, PGC (Pastry Greater China Limited) was set up to support the growth of industry.

Besides, a workshop with Koma and Miwe equipped has been established where you can have training and marketing activities there. Moreover, our in-house Japanese chef Chiharu Koh will share the latest pastry concepts and techniques to all of you.


For the development of the pastry industry, we invited world champions, for example Chefs Koichi Izumi (和泉光一), Toshimi Fujimoto (藤本智美), Hiroshi Igarashi (五十嵐宏), Koji Fujita (藤田浩司), Naomi Mizuno (水野直己), Tetsuya Yokogawa(橫川哲也), Shinpei Asada (朝田晋平) and Franck Michel (MOF) to share their most popular recipes as well as the latest information and techniques.  

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